Full length shot of a medical team pushing a patient down the hallway in a gurney

Hospitalist Services

At Community Hospital of Staunton, we are proud to offer our patients a safer and more effective healing environment through our hospitalist services provided by Midwest Emergency Department Services. A hospitalist is a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner who takes care of you during your entire stay at our hospital. He or she is based directly in the hospital, which allows him or her to be 100 percent available to you. Think of your hospitalist as your very own personal advocate for the best care.

How Will a Hospitalist Care for You?

When you are admitted to the hospital, together with your primary care physician, your hospitalist will plan and manage your treatment throughout your stay to help you achieve the best outcome. He or she will be readily available to both you and your family to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and to discuss your treatment plan. Hospitalists can order medical tests for you or suggest different treatment plans. He or she will be in contact with your primary doctor from the time you are admitted until you are discharged. At the time of your discharge, your primary care doctor will be updated on the care you received in the hospital, including any prescriptions given upon discharge, further treatment recommendations, or recommend follow-up care.

Our goal in this ever-changing healthcare environment is to always provide quality, patient-centered healthcare services close to home.

To learn more about our hospitalist team and the services they provide, please call 618-635-2200